GLOW Palette by Rue21

Now many have heard of Rue21 clothing. But have you heard of Rue21 makeup? Here’s my review of GLOW the highlighter palette by Rue21.

Once I opened it I was shook! The colors looked absolutely amazing! But the real question is, do they look amazing on my skin?

The first one I tried was SunKissed, already off to a bad start with this one. When I took some from my finger tip it cam on easily BUT once I tried to put it on my skin… It barely made a mark. That’s disappointing, so I tried it a second time and more did come off but still, that’s a lot of highlight with barely any show. When you use a highlight you want to be able to tell you have something there, but whats the point if you’re going to need to use the whole quarter of it in one use?!

Next I tried GoldenBronze, with one smear I nearly had a heart attack! The color great on the palette but looked even better on my skin! Full color, and glitter shin once it went on! Now this one is the one you would use when you’re headed to a partay!

Third is called SunTanned, I absolutely love it! Since I have a dark sink tone it blends in with my skin but in a very good way. This is the type of highlighter that you would use for an everyday look, you know when you’re trying not to blind everyone one the street! But that’s more for darker skinned tone people, but for my brighter friends you could use this to pop your contour more!

Last but certainly not least is Bright and Bubbly. Now this one does come out very good in detail and is very vibrant, the only problem I have with it is that it’s too pink. I’m not much of a pink fan, but I do wear the occasional blush every now and then. I would definitely use this as a blush for a natural sparkly glow but not as a highlighter.

Overall the GLOW palette is very good for a place coming from a known clothing brand. I think this be great fr beginner makeup fanatics, and for people who want a highlighter just for fun but don’t want to spend a lot of money. I will definitely be using this for my everyday looks. And for only $7?! Heck yeah, take my money Rue21!


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