“Four Unconventional Ways to Wear Eyeliner” by BAZAAR

So here I was bored outta my brains, so I decided to look at some news on Snapchat. And I saw this post by BAZAAR called “4 unconventional Ways to Wear Eyeliner” and as a makeup fanatic I just had to see how “conventional” they could be. Come join me to see if BAZAAR’s eyeliner tips are Hits! or Miss?!

Now the first eyeliner trick is called “Silver Lining” sounds nice right? Well this trick is putting two silver lines on the inside corner of your eyes. Right away this trick is a MISS. The article says eyeliner! And this is not on your eyelid! Shame on you BAZAAR!

Anyways, moving on is one called “A Cut Above”, and oh my goodness I am terrified!! It looks like you are drawing a second pair of eye brows on yourself!! And not in a good way. So basically you put a really thick line just above the crease of your eyelid. I honestly don’t get the point of this like are you trying to add emphasis to your already flawless eyebrows? Or do you want to just be “different” and look like you have two pairs of eyebrows and one of them looks like you drew it on with a sharpie and a five-year old? MISS!!!

Alright so third is called “Negative space” basically you draw a regular winged eyeliner and use some type of wet napkin to remove a section in the middle of the line. This reminds me of the eye shadow trick introduced by BretmanRock where he makes his eyelids look like an actual eye. And that is very tricky because, just like they eyeshadow eye, if it’s done wrong it can look like a complete mess. Sorry, not sorry BAZAAR but MISS again.

Alright it’s the last one, common you need to have just one good idea BAZAAR!! So this is called “Purple Haze” and this one is putting a purple line on top of your black liner. So you have a black liner and on top is a purple line. Mmmm not what I would do exactly. If you wanted to be bold just used the purple liner, don’t over use by adding black which would drown out the color. Sorry but MISS.

Honestly after reading their article I was hoping for some joke at the end saying “Ha you thought! Now here’s the real ones” but no! This is very disappointing. I have no nice words for this article. These are jokes, the big NO! Get this out of my face and into the garbage!! BAZAAR? Please do us all a favor and never try to give us makeup tips again.


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