Forever21 VS. E.L.F Eyeshadow Primer

So I was shopping at Forever21 the other day and I noticed they had an E.L.F cosmetic section. Now I’m a huge E.L.F fan, they’re the ones that got me really into makeup, but right next to it was their own cosmetic brand!! I was shook, Forever21 has a cosmetic line?! So I had this brilliant idea and decided to have a little fun, I bought the E.L.F eyeshadow glitter primer (selling for $2.00) and the Forever21 eyeshadow primer(selling for $2.90) and see which one would win in a battle of the eyeshadow primers!

So to test this battle I choose one of my favorite looks, black and silver glitter smokey eye. Check out my YouTube channel to see how I did it and the picture results of the battle!

So four hours later and I checked the results, and I have to say I was disappointed and very surprised.

My left eye that was used with E.L.F primer was a horrifying sight! The glitter moved to the bottom of my eye and the black shadow pooled into my eyelid crease. To put into nice words… I looked like I forgot to take my makeup off before taking a shower. All I’m saying is I am never using this again! Into the garbage can you go. (Sorry E.L.F!!)

And very surprising the Forever21 primer, which was on my right eye, stayed on very well. There was only a little bit of glitter flacks under my eye but that’s reasonable because its glitter! But other than that the glitter stayed in the same spot and so did the black shadow, non of it pooled to my eyelid or moved to the corners!! I think I’ll save this one for now!

So the winner in the battle of E.L.F shadow primer VS. Forever21 shadow primer is…



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