Crown/Tiara Eyeshadow

Now there’s this big talk about crown(or tiara) eyeshadow look. And as a once young girl, who also wanted to be a pretty princess when she’s grows up, who dreamed of wearing a tiara I had to check this baby out. So of course I couldn’t just find any eyeshadow crown, I had to find where it ALL began.

It took some digging (and some googling) but I found it! This look was first created by Marissa Melhorn, she is a 19-year old MUA (Makeup Artist).

And I have to say she did a fantastic job I mean look at those clear diagonal lines and how she outlines it with a more vibrant color in the background to her golden crown, and she even added little gems at the top to give it a more glowing pop!! I am very impressed because on look, this looks like this is a very time-consuming project and if done well you’re gunna have a freaking crown on your eyelid!! Every childhood dream come true!! And even gives a tutorial on her youtube channel! That’s amazing! So now you can recreate this look (and maybe so will I!), and have a crown fit for the princess that you are!

BUT know this, if it’s done wrong or not very carefully it’s going to look… Well… Terrifying, like this one…

Yes I am well aware that this is on a hand! But this is just an example on what it could look like if you do not put concentration and good colors together! I mean look at it! A purple crown on top of an orange background?! Those colors don’t even look good together anywhere!! Oh God this makes want to puke and stab the person who created this with my blending brush. (I’m sorry Jessica but it’s the truth!!)

Anyways! Overall this idea is a must have!! HIT! BUT be careful because if done wrong or not prepared your eye could look like that cyclopes on that hand! And that’s a big MISS on your part! I might try to create my own crown myself! We’ll have to see later!

To read more about the origin of the shadow crown go check out “Trending Now: Princess Tiara Shadow Looks” 


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