Fusion Highlight by Make Up For Ever

So I was walking in the mall with my boyfriend and I wasn’t really planning on buying anything because he’s the one that wanted to go there BUT I saw Sephora had just got restocked and I was like “Mmmmmm maybe just a peek…”. Almost an hour later I leave with three different highlighters and a blush palette, feeling very proud of myself because I had only spent $87 dollars!

The first highlighter that grabbed my attention was called “Pro Light Fusion Highlighter by Make Up For Ever ‘Color 2 Golden'” now that is a really long name but it wasn’t the name that got my attention it was the color. Let me tell you once I glanced at this it felt as if I was in a movie, you know when you hear those angelic heaven sounds? That’s exactly what happened to me! Now that was my first on look impression when I tested this baby on my hand, oh Jesus I needed to sit down I was IN LOVE!! My boyfriend was laughing at me for how much I loved this highlighter. So of course I bought it.

You ever have one of those days where you see a great makeup product but you want to see if it would look good in the actual position where it goes? Well that was me, that day I had a full beat face and I couldn’t put that on top of the highlighter I was already wearing so I had to trust my gut (and the sample on my hand!) and pray that it looked this good on my face.

So finally comes a day that I need to wear this highlighter I got myself ready and I use a new never before used fan brush (by E.L.F) and I lightly brushed it and swiped my check. I felt as if I had died and gone to highlight heaven! I was in love AGAIN I added a bit more, but not too much, and soon my checks and nose were glowing a golden color! Again all I can say is I was even more in love with this product!

Overall of course I loved this highlighter to death! But it might not be for every one. If you have a darker complexion it would look amazing for you, for my lighter friends I recommend trying out there “Golden Pink”, I know I’ll be trying that one next!! So in all this highlighter is defiantly worth the $39!! But you might need to hold off on anymore makeup shopping until next month after buying this!!


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