So I’m pretty sure many of you saw this hideous look around Halloween time last year. But if you’ve never hear of it I’ll give you the basic of it. To what I can come up with, it seems this look was first created by Lauren Beckman, a makeup artist that specializes in “horror and gore”. 

So the “KnifeLiner” is when you draw a knife on the base of your eyelid (as if it was just regular eyeliner) and you put silver or gray on your eyelid to represent the blade; then you draw black
from the sliver straight out and that represents the handle. And, you don’t have too but, you put red “drips” under your eye to make it look as if you where bleeding…

Now I know it says you specialize in this Lauren, and trust me this is very “horror and gore” but NOT in the way you want it too mean. This look gives a bad name to themed eyeliner to all makeup artist! I mean what where you thinking?! I’ve seen some of your work and it’s phenomenal! But this is down right embarrassing!! It’s worse than “Candy Cane eyeliner”! And I’ve found many people who agree with me, just read this article that I found called “7 Beauty Trends that will be OUT in 2017”, and they agree with me that this “trend” should have ended before it even started.

I can understand if you wanted to do this as some type of costume idea for Halloween but it should have ended there no one should actually do this as an everyday look!! JUST STOP!! I swear if I see someone wearing this in real life I will slap you in the face and tell you to rethink your whole life.

So in all PLEASE leave this look in 2016 and never, EVER bring it back. And Lauren? I am very disappointed in you, I expected a lot better than this!! And so lady’s and gentleman this look is a MISS!!! NEVER LET ME SEE THIS AGAIN!!


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