Limited Edition Trolls Highlighter by MAC

Now I’m a huge fan of Mac cosmetics, my favorite foundation is by them. But you see I’m also a huge fan of animation movies, so when I heard Mac had their own line of cosmetics based off the movies Trolls (Starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake) I had a mini heart attack. And lucky me I was in Chicago, with my boyfriend, where they so happened to be a Mac store! So I dragged my boyfriend out of bed and 30 minutes, three subways, and a lonnnngggggg walk downtown we’re there!

Now right when I walked in they had this huge stand up of Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick’s character)and under it they had bright pink containers that contained all the makeup! I practically ran to it, maybe pushing some people down (sorry!), and just vast in its glory. Hey! I said I was a huge fan okay?! Don’t hate appreciate!  So I go through the different cosmetics, there was lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadow, highlighter, and even hair colors! So of course y’all know I was already looking at the highlighter and on first glance it was huge! It came in this bright pink container (under my better judgment) and it was a beautiful pink/white shine! I freaking loved it! And when I swatched it on my hand it was like magic, at first it stayed that pink/white color but then as if it was analyzing my skin it changed to this sparkle clear/white color! Like holy freaking makeup Gods!! This highlighter blends into your skin to make it look like a natural glow!
Do you know how hard it is to find a highlighter that does that?! That baby was coming home with me!!  Unfortunately that was the last one they had so I couldn’t buy more and they where also out of the bronzer highlight too! I didn’t get any others because as much as I loved them they just weren’t my color. Sadness. But don’t worry I defiantly bought other things! I mean come on it’s MAC!!

After everything this highlighter is an absolute HAVE! But unfortunately it was limited edition so the only ones left are what they have on their website or what they have in your local Mac store, so I tell you GET OFF YOUR BUT AND GET THEM BEFORE THEY”RE GONE!! And they’re on sale!! GO GIRL GET IT!!


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