Candy K by Kylie Jenner

So if you don’t know me very well then you probably don’t know that I am not a Kylie Jenner fan, or any Kardashian that is. But for the sake of my blog and my makeup career I will do one review of her liquid lipstick.

Now I choose the liquid lipstick because that’s the one I’ve actually heard more positive feedback on. So lucky me had the chance to buy myself one last month because it was my two younger cousins birthday and they LOVE Kylie Jenner so I thought you know might as well right. THEY ARE 30$ EACH!! Do you know how small they are here let me show you! –Now at first I was okay with it you know I’ve paid more for a lipstick but I mean these are super skinny!! And yeah it comes with a lip pencil as well so I guess that was okay.

So I bought one for myself called “Candy K” and let me tell you I was furious. So the color on the box is a very light, almost nude color and in the description it describes it as “Warm Pinky Nude” but let me tell you there was nothing warm or pink about this color!! I was like a brown almost! I wanted to take that off as soon as it dried (because I wanted to see if it changed to the color once it dried but nope!!) but of course I didn’t because I had to do it for the BLOG! (To clarify I put the lip pencil AND the lipstick on) So I changed my outfit because the stupid color didn’t match and went about my day. So first it took about five minutes to fully dry. Then about two hours in my lips start felling dry, I dranked some water you know hoping that would cool it down. Nope! Within another hour after that my lips started to feel like I was in a desert and worse it actually started to feel itchy! After keeping it on for four hours I sucked it up and the dry and itchiness started to go down. At the end of the day, so about nine hours of wearing this lipstick, I took it off (FINALLY!) and my lips felt sore and there was even a hurt color red, you know what I mean?

I honestly have never worn something so bad in my life. I threw that thing away, I don’t even have pictures of myself for you because it looked that bad! I felt so bad that I had given my cousins a product like that to them! I just hope they have better results than I do! Thirty dollars in the garbage!!

So if you didn’t get the hint this product is a NO!! I will never, ever buy another thing from Kylie again!! defiantly not worth the 30$ to get my lips ruined, thank you! 


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