Silisponge (AKA Silicone Blender) by Molly Cosmetics

Alright so many have probably heard about this “new revolution in makeup” called the silicone blender. basically its a plastic blender, that’s flat, that’s filled with silicone. And the idea of it is that it’s suppose to save you money because it uses all of your makeup products instead of a regular beauty blender that soaks up some of your makeup products. And of course since it’s plastic you can just wash it right off afterwards and its ready to use the next day!

So my first impression on hearing about this was ‘okay sounds pretty cool’ so I was like okay might as well try it right? At first I was just going to go on amazon and see if I could find some random blender but then I thought; ‘wait wouldn’t it be more efficient if I found were the root of this blender came from and used that one?’ So that’s exactly what I did and to my research I found “Molly Cosmetics” here is where I found the blender. I ordered it, you know waited my time to
receive it and when I did… I don’t know, honestly I didn’t know what to expect. But I got it and well I guess you could say it felt… Weird that’s literally all I can describe it! It feels like a mini water-bed in your fingers. So I used it with my foundation and… It did not end well! Like there was streaks everywhere and there where some parts that had more makeup them others. It was terrible!! I ended up going over it with my usual beauty blender!

So I thought that’s okay maybe its more of a counter blender so I put my liquid contour on and try to use the blender to spread it out… It was even worse than the foundation!! I was horrified I put that thing down as if it was going to exploded and ruin my makeup even more!

So this blender is now in the bottom of my blender jar (yes I have a jar filled with different beauty blenders, don’t hate; appreciate!!) and I can say I’m never ever using that again!! Sorry Molly but your Silisponge thing is a NO!! Nope, never again, STICK TO A BEAUTY BLENDER!!! This is defiantly not worth $12 well $9.90 now I guess!! Hahaha I guess other people agree with me that this is a big NO for makeup. So yeah I’ll be using my money to buy more beauty blenders instead of this thing thank you very much!


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