Radiant Luminizing Drops by Sephora

So you all must remember my story about my trip to grab the amazing Fusion Highlighter by Sephora. And if you recall I did grab a few more things, well me being the highlighter addict that I am also decided to do a little something new. So I grabed what is called “Radiant Luminizing Drops” at first I didn’t take a second glace at it because the case of it didnt scream at me like the highlighter did. But then I remembered that I needed some new essential oil and went back to look at these (I mean common they look exactly like a bottle of essentail oil!!) but when I opened the sample it was not oil!! I read it as it said luminizing drops. Now I feel kind of stupid because I was like what the heck are luminizing drops?! So I asked the worker there and he said its basically like a hihglighter except this one you can mix into your foundation to creat a more pop glow. And I was like girllllllll you had me at highlighter! So I bout two! The first one is called Ultrallight(Bronze) and the second one was called Starlight(luminous pink), I probably would’ve bought the third one but they were sold out. Boooooo.

Alright so the first time i used it was kind of a mess… I put on my foundation and stuff and I placed three drops on my cheek, now here’s where it goes down hill, I grabbed a blending brush and I started to blend it in right. And I nearly scream! MY FOUNDATION CAME OFF!! There was this huge gap where I put the drops on and you could see my red cheeks!! Oh god I wanted to scream!! I regained my composer and just redid my check. Then I was like okayyyyy I’m going to need some help. So I did what anyone else would do… I went to POPSUGAR. And looked up how to use a luminizer!


 Then when I was done I was like okayyyy lets practice on my hand first. So this time I grabbed a
mini blender and just dabbed it onto my hand. And it looked FABULOUS! The Ultralight had me dead I was going to cry. But the Starlight wasn’t really showing you know? And that is what they meant by a natural glow! Wow thats freaking amazing!!

I have yet to use it with my foundation but girl(or boyyy don’t worry Dani don’t hate, she apreciates!!) trust me its gunna be poopin!! But trust me these where only $14!! So I got two for $28!! Thats like the price of the single highlighter I bought with it!! So yes this is a definatly take my money product!! I hope to soon get that third one!!!


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