“The Affordable Look”

Now this is going to be a bit different, it’s not a full review because it’s not just one product and it’s not a full “Hit or Miss” because it’s not necessarily one look makeup look. So here we go!

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw this video as it said “A Broke Girls Guide to Makeup on a Budget”, now I’m not broke but I am on a budget so I decided to check it out. So here I had the mentality that this video was going to show me how to make makeup last longer or some nice affordable products that are legit right? Well I mean I was half right, the video is about E.L.F Cosmetics. Now you all know how much I loooooooooooove E.L.F, they were the ones that got this little MUA dreams started! So of course I was alike alrighttttt I am ready!

Now I’m not gunna lie the tittle hit me in the feels because I’m nowhere near broke, but as an early college student and now multiple bill payer I have to watch what I spent. Which means, yes very heart breaking, I have to cut back on my makeup buying!! TEARS!! And you don’t need to be broke to buy E.L.F they have some of the most amazing products that I’ve ever tried and that’s comparing them to the more expensive brands. I also didn’t like that the bio for the video said “a discounted cosmetic brand that you can find at most large retail and drug store” emmmm hello E.L.F has their own store too! They’re not just a cheap brand that gets shipped off into drug stores for random people to buy for fun!! MUA’s can travel a distance to go to one of their many stores in California, New Jersey, and New York!! 

So I watched Cameron’s lovely video and through the whole thing I was like; “Oh I have that one!”, “Girl that works wonders let me tell you”, and a little bit of “Mmmmm okay girl I see what you did there”. But it was a beautiful look created by one of the lowest price cosmetic lines. Which proves that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on a highlighter, you can get one for $5 and still look fierce. 

Overall I don’t like the little intro to this video that “Cheap Genius” did. You do not put down my
store! Grow some feelings honestly. And also change your tittle next time!! YOU DO NOT HAVE


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