Bretman Rock Coachella

Now many of you have probably heard of the big event called “Coachella” and honestly I have no idea what the celebration is, like is it some random hippie party? I really don’t know and honestly I really do not care! (Don’t hate, appreciate!) But I do care about the amazing looks that my fave MUA’s do, so I checked to see what they did for this “big celebration party thing”. I checked one of my favorites and first MUA starters that I’ve ever followed name Bretman.

Sorry for the little blurriness he would not stop moving!!
Source: Snapchat @bretmanrock

Bretman is a doll, he super nice and super funny and his makeup is always to die for! But the day of Coachella was a terrifying day for my baby… Sorry babe but here is your Hit! Or Miss?! On your Coachella look…

Now honey if you are reading this PLEASE do not send your kitties after me because you know I am allergic! But your look for Coachella was scary. I am not saying it wasn’t good babe but it was not a look for you. And as a fellow medium tan-colored individual I know that very dark colors do not look so good on us love so I was very confused that you chose a black look! Now babe the basic idea of your Coachella look was cute but on you it looked like someone was drawing on a twelve week old dead girl… The black made your skin pale and a very scary ghostly complexion! Whoever told you that you look good like that, you should really consider their friendship because honey I would never EVER let you out in public looking like a ghost!!

Now on your Instagram picture that I have here makes you look okay but you can tell there is a offness to your look and it is because the look does not balance out your skin tone and it just gives your face this awkward color.

Sorry babe but your makeup look for Coachella is a MISS!! Get this girl some makeup remover stat!!




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