Beautifully Bare by E.L.F Cosmetics

Now many of you know (if you read my About or if you know me personally) that I am (was) a show choir geek. If you do not know what show choir is… Please… Leave… I’m just kidding come back!! Hahahaha, show choir is a competitive group where we sing and dance at multiple competitions for trophies and hope to make states and nationals. (unfortunately my group did not make states….) But anyways!! I am not here to talk about show choir (even though I totally could!) I am here to talk to you about a certain makeup product that was essential to are makeup routine and that is Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow, color Soft Rose, cream blush.

Now all our makeup is provided for us in show choir, so when I saw that we had some items from E.L.F I was so in! But I saw that this year we had a cream blush, last year we had a powder from Maybelline if I remember correctly, and I am not the biggest fan of blush and especially cream blush. You see I have a very moist face, it’s not necessarily oily but it is cold so it feels like it’s always moist haha. So anyways when we were doing our makeup for the first time I was hesitant and I even brought my own blush (just in case) but I didn’t want to be rude so I tried it and girllllllll I was dumbfounded! It was so creamy and it didn’t even feel like I has put anything on (But of course it did show it)! I defiantly used that for my show choir needs, and the best part is we get to keep all the makeup at the end of the season so you know that baby went with my other blushes and highlighters!

So over all? Girl you know this was a “Put that baby in my shopping cart!”, or you know maybe two of them! Don’t hate! appreciate!!


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