Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star

Now honestly I had never heard of Jeffree Star until one of my favorite makeup artist, Bretman Rock, got some gifts from his collection. And I was like Jeffree? Interesting, so I looked him up. At first what came up was his makeup line of course, BUT what got my attention was his music. He used to me a rock star! I just thought that was cool and a tad bit funny.

Anyways I saw how amazing Bretmans’ lipstick was and when I read what he used in his look he said it was by Jeffree Star and I just knew I had to have some.

So at first I just wanted to write a simple review about his liquid lipstick, Posh Spice, but I realized I freaking loved it! So instead I decided to not only tell you how much I freaking fell in love with it, I’m going to show you how amazing it looked on me as well!! But not just this one! I bought four more!! So here is how amazing they look and how amazing they felt (or not amazing which I hope not)!! But remember my skin color is a more nude/tan on regular days so it could look different on a different skin type! (P.S. This is one natural lip skin NO lip pencils!) But here we go!

So first is, of course, Posh Spice, don’t ask why but once I saw it I knew I had to have it!! Now it
does look a bit nude in the picture but it is actually a very deep purple! And I freaking love it!  My lips felt great there was no dryness, no irritation. An A+ from me!

Next is called Androgyny, do not ask me how to pronounce it because I have no idea!! But this color is like a light nude with a tint of blush color to it! I love it for a casual look or everyday look. My lips did feel a little dry but nothing like a little lip balm before putting it on wont fix! A+!


Now next is called Gemini, now I’m not one about signs and stuff but I am pretty sure Gemini is a Zodiac sign right? No? I don’t know, but if it is I am not a Gemini I am a Virgo, ayeeeeee. Now this color is more on the beep blush side, now I wouldn’t use this on a regular basis but it is nice if I were wearing a black cocktail dress or something! I’ll give it a A!

Now next is called Redrum, (I like saying that!) and this one is a very bright red! Very vibrant, I would not wear this very often because it makes my face look pale! Also It did irritate my lips a bit so I had to take that off ASAP. Sorry babe I’m going to have to give this one a C+.


Now this one is called Unicorn Blood, honestly when I think of unicorn blood I automatically think of silver like from Harry Potter but that’s just me! But any who, I really enjoy this color because it’s a very nice deep red and it does not draw too much attention to my lip (but just enough were you want people to look you know what I mean?) and it looks very good with my skin tone! This one is a A++!

Alright here’s the nude you’ve all been looking for (pause for laughter) this one is called Celebrity Skin, a very natural nude color, does not draw any attention to my lips, and it does not drain the color from my cheeks (like most nudes)! It does have a hint of irritation but a little layer of lip balm should clear that right up! It’s very cute and good for days where you just want to have a natural look!

So those are all the colors that I have for you! Each one was 18$! Not so bad considering the colors and the size of the container! Defiantly a go to guys! But if you are worried about prices and is afraid to pay so much I highly recommend buying one that is more in your color zone for now! If it looks great then by all means buy more!!



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