The Show Choir Look

Now this tutorial is going to be a tad different because instead of showing you how I made the looks, I’m going to tell you what I used to create the whole look and help you (more towards show choir geeks) how to create the same look! Now you are going to see pictures of me from when I was younger and I was just starting my makeup phase, up to now! So please don’t hate, APPRECIATE!

Third Year of Show Choir (Sophomore)

Now here’s my “first” year of show choir, I was 15-16 years old! I was a sophomore and was in the JV show choir called “City Lights”. This was the year that made me into the show choir geek I am today! (You will be missed!) Now let’s get started! So first my foundation was called Ivory Beige by Estee Lauder and I actually bought this in Von Maur (a really expensive fashion store). That was the only thing I used that I bought myself! All the other stuff had been given to us! It
never accrued to me that I could use other products besides the ones they gave us! Hey I was just a little sophomore! So the makeup they gave us where; Ardell 105 lashes, Golddust by Pur eyeshadowNude Nectar by E.L.F. lipstain, Glow by E.L.F lipshine, Black by E.L.F. mascara, Jet Black by E.L.F. eyeliner, and Mellow Mauve by E.L.F. blush.

Fourth Year of Show Choir (Junior)

Now on to my junior year, ages 16-17. This one was a great year I had made more friends and I was starting to get even more involved with makeup. This was the year where I “studied”, or you could also say volunteered, at my local beauty school where I was taught certain beauty secrets and what soon gave me the title of MUA (makeup artist)! Here I was starting to use more makeup products of my own, such as; SPF 4.0 by MAC foundation, Black by Music Flower eyebrow, and 57 by True Lips lip pencil. Then of course I used the makeup that they had provided which where; Very Black by E.L.F. mascara, Pink Lemonade by E.L.F. blush, Sociable by E.L.F. lipstick, Jet Black by E.L.F. eyeliner, 105 by Ardell lashes, and Smokey Sea by E.L.F. eyeshadow.

Fifth (Last) Year of Show Choir (Senior)

Senior year. The last year of high school, and last year of show choir. (There are a few colleges that have show choirs! But the college that I’m going to unfortunately does not have one). This year I am 17 to 18 years old and I am in the Varsity show choir called “4th Avenue Jazz Company” or 4th Ave for short! This year I used many of my own products to give myself that glowing look as I dance for my last year! I used; SPF 4.0 by MAC foundation, illuminating Mist and Set by E.L.F. setting spray, Play It Proper by MAC highlighter, Pink by E.L.F. illuminating blush, Black by Maybelline mascara, Cranberry by FX lipscrub, Nude Nectar by E.L.F. lipstain (Same one that was used my first year!), Black and Brown by Magic Flower eyebrows, 03 and 01 by Magic Flower eyeshadow, and Countor and Corrector by Ruebeauty. And then I used the ones they gave us of course; Kiss of Life by Maybelline lipstick, 105 by Ardell lashes, Smokey Sea by E.L.F. eyeshadow, Rose Royalty by E.L.F. blush, and Jet Black by E.L.F eyeliner.

As you can see my makeup grew significantly! I think it’s safe to say I was the best looking one there! Hahaha! Anyways I hope this helps you future (or current) show choir lovers!! Comment if you have any questions! Stay beautiful ♥

Background Story: Yes my “first” year is technically my third year because when I was in fourth and fifth grade I was actually in “Show Choir”, you see at my old school they started show choir early so when I moved to my current resident I sort of “retired” show choir for a few years and then I discovered we had one at my high school and I fell in love with it all over again! So yeah I have been in show choir for five years!


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