Shimmer Enhance Drops by Cover/FX

HELLO MY LOVES I AM BACK!! I know it has been too long!! But don't worry loves Dani is back and shes graduated!! Alright lets get started! Today I will tell you about this lovely thing called (Shimmer) Custom Enhancer Drops by COVER FX  that I found at my local Sephora and it was 42$!! That... Continue Reading →


Tis the season for some HORROR

Now this is sort of part two to my recent post but except for makeup looks these are makeup FX (special effects) now if already didn't know I hate horror so you can probably guess what I'm going to say for these but lets just see!! Ready to have your favorite childhood holiday ruined?! Now... Continue Reading →

Tis the season for some makeup!

Alright (like my little pun tittle? hahaha) so last year (2016) a lot of people where creating different makeup looks for the holidays. And I loved a bunch of them but these ones would be very hard to nail and if you don't get it right then you are out!! And some of them where... Continue Reading →

My Creation: Eyeshadow Crown

Alright so you guys ready for my very first Recreate?! I'm not because it looks terrible! But y'all know what I'm about to say... Don't hate! Appreciate! Alright so this is an attempt and it looks hella ratchet because I was sick and bored so I decided to be weird! I'm still debating if I should... Continue Reading →

Barbed Wire – Weird Eyebrows

Okay now some of you may not have heard of this because it is not a trend (THANK GOD) but it did pop up in my Instagram feed and I immediately was like "no God please do not let this happen" and the Lord heard my prayers because it was a "joke" but not everyone took... Continue Reading →

Paparazzi Mix by BlushSparkle

Now you might be confused and thinking "Blush Sparkle? Dani I've never heard of Blush Sparkle." And that's okay!! Maybe you haven't. You see Blush Sparkle is a United Kingdom cosmetic line and they are more focused on glitters! Glitters? Yes glitters! Used for your eyes, lips, and FX (Special effects) makeup! Now if you... Continue Reading →

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