Paparazzi Mix by BlushSparkle

Now you might be confused and thinking “Blush Sparkle? Dani I’ve never heard of Blush Sparkle.” And that’s okay!! Maybe you haven’t. You see Blush Sparkle is a United Kingdom cosmetic line and they are more focused on glitters! Glitters? Yes glitters! Used for your eyes, lips, and FX (Special effects) makeup! Now if you know me you know that I LOVE shiny things and sparkly things! So I just had to check them out!

Paparazzi Mix

So as I was doing my little hunt I saw that BlushSparkle was having this little giveaway and I thought to myself “you know what I’ll enter and I could maybe try some real glitter in my work!” and lucky me I won! And I won three different glitters, one being Paparazzi Mix! I was not sure exactly to create so I decided to just play around for some “Prom” ideas (I’m not really going to Prom I’m just gunna party with some friends ha!) and BAM! My prom idea was born!

As you can see I did not use any other makeup because I was just working on my eye ideas! (please ignore my face mask peeping out!) And let me tell you I fell in love! This look and these sparkles! Gah I could not stop smiling!! I wore it to work and EVERYONE liked it even my boyfriend liked it!


(Okay don’t hate, appreciate!!) This is exactly what I was looking for and what I needed to put my “Prom” look together! I could not thank BlushSparkle enough! And honey this is selling for only 3.50 Pounds (granted I have no idea what that is in american money!) hold up girl let me find the conversion! Alright so 3.50 Pounds is equivalent to 4.52 dollars! Girl that is a steal! And I can tell you these will last you quite a while. So HELL YEAHHHHHHHHHHH you know Ima be buying some more of these!

Used in this idea was: *Jet Black by E.L.F. *Noir by LOVESick *Nude by Rue21 *KathleenLights by Morphe and of course *Paparazzi Mix by BLUSHSPARKLE


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