Rainbow Highlighter by Focallure Face

So many of you know the big buzz about rainbow highlighters, honestly I think it’s too good to be true! Like there was no way you could get a highlighter to set all colors of the rainbow on your face in just one swipe! So here I tell you my experience with my own Rainbow highlighter by Focallure.

So as you can see it is very cute, not a too big not too small but in a nicely sized compacted size! (Which is what everybody needs in life you know)! The orange seems a little to dark for my taste, it looks like a blood-red instead of a “shine and happiness” orange you get my drift? The purple also seems to be to deep of a color for the whole range. So I can tell you right now I do not like how it looks face on, the colors do not fit together range wise on the color scale. By that you know warm colors, and dark colors well the rainbow is suppose to have all colors but have an equal balance throughout the rainbow. And this does not do that.

All right but now it’s time for the real thing. How will it look on your skin? As you can see above you can find all the colors (some more predominate than others) on the brush, but I will say I had to add a bit of force to get the colors showing. Drum roll please….

BAM! There you have it ladies and gentlemen the truth of the rainbow highlighter, what do you think? A little disappointed? Yeah me too… You can defiantly see the colors at the beginning but as you go along the outer colors start to disappear and your left with the middle colors. Yellow, green and a tint of blue. I will say it looks better than I expect, a few more swipes of it and I could defiantly get all the colors on there!

So you might be thinking “Dani! Is this good or nah?”  Well I’ll tell you if you believe that you truly will use a rainbow highlighter in your near future than girl go get it, but as for me I will not be buying another one anytime soon! Don’t hate, appreciate! Love you babes!

P.S. Yes you all know never to buy makeup of brands you never heard of this is just an experiment to see if I would like the real deal or not! But if you really want it then the link for the Focallure is at the top and here is the real deal that I will maybe be buying just to show the difference! Enjoy!



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