Barbed Wire – Weird Eyebrows

Okay now some of you may not have heard of this because it is not a trend (THANK GOD) but it did pop up in my Instagram feed and I immediately was like “no God please do not let this happen” and the Lord heard my prayers because it was a “joke” but not everyone took it as a joke! You see I saw it on a makeup regram (a profile that post other people’s makeup) and it said “Weird eyebrows the next big thing in makeup?!” I was looking at some comments and most of them were negative (good job people you know crap when you see it) but there was a few people saying “yeah it is!” and I literally wanted to reach through my phone so I could strangle them… WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO THIS?!?!
Now you’re probably thinking “Dani we know makeup, we would never do that” WELL GOOD FOR YOU! But there is some people out there reading this right now and thinking “I don’t see the problem I think it looks okay” SLAP YOURSELF! Because this is a HUGE MISS, and if I say it’s a miss y’all know it is not good! Trust your Mexican mama! (Okay don’t call me Mexican mama but you understand DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!)  I just can not emphasise this enough like, what the HECK were you thinking Athene? (That is the “creator” name I believe I was not sure) I wish I could put a link here so you can see for your self that she actually did do this and went out in public with this!! But at last she took it down (hopefully it was because she came to her senses about how stupid it was) but lucky me took the screenshot and saved it just in time! You are welcome lovely people of the makeup internet!

So in case you are confused on whether I think this look (Barbed Wire/ Weird Eyebrows) is a Hit or Miss… IT IS A MISS!! Thank you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Barbed Wire – Weird Eyebrows

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  1. you do not have the authority to judge peoples eyebrows. you draw yours on so thick they look like blocks, it doesnt look natural


    1. Thank you for being my first negative comment!! And of course you are probably new to my blog, everything I say is my insights how I see things, like any other blog in the world! And as for my main picture yes! My eyebrows look pretty big but because of me being a performer We made our make up “Big and Loud” so of course my eyebrows have to be big and in person but on stage they will look normal size. Thank you for your feed back I really appreciate it!!


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