My Creation: Eyeshadow Crown

Alright so you guys ready for my very first Recreate?! I’m not because it looks terrible! But y’all know what I’m about to say… Don’t hate! Appreciate! Alright so this is an attempt and it looks hella ratchet because I was sick and bored so I decided to be weird! I’m still debating if I should put up the video for it or not (yes I recorded my epic failure on video) hahaha! Anyways lets take a look

Alright so here we are as you can see I used a brow/tan background (which probably was not a good idea!) and as for the crown I used gold glitter. As you can see I made three tiers and they all have black dots (which are supposed to be rhinestone but I could not find them!) So like I said attempt one was a total bust. I didn’t even put on eyeshadow primer! That is how sick I was! I think next time I will defiantly need to use a different shade of background because the brown/tan
just drains the crowns color. It doesn’t add any pop to it you know? Lets see something to make gold pop would probably be a nice blush or pink color just so it can add that natural pop to it. As for the glitter it looks nice, adding the eyeshadow primer to it would make the glitter stay more in place and keep its form. The black “rhinestone” on the top doesn’t look too bad, I would keep the black look to but just get actual rhinestone!

This look was created with; Nude by Rue21, Gold by Wet n Wild, and 01 glitter. Next time I will defiantly make this look better with more color and details. But hey not so bad as to being my first time and also being sick!!


Good new!! I’ve become an ambassador for Spiced Cosmetics!! They have amazing glitters, lip sticks, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and many more soon to come!! Use my code mtz.danielle to get 10% off all your orders!! Thank you for all your guys support! I love you!!


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