Tis the season for some HORROR

Now this is sort of part two to my recent post but except for makeup looks these are makeup FX (special effects) now if already didn’t know I hate horror so you can probably guess what I’m going to say for these but lets just see!! Ready to have your favorite childhood holiday ruined?!

Now this first one is not too terrifying it is actually quite impressive. It is called (can you guess?) Santa!! I really do love this look, you can see the fine details into the face and it even has that friendly eyes and jolly nose that you hear in the stories! The only thing I have against it is the beard, I think the beard could look more realistic, maybe use cotton or real hair and not FX makeup! But other than that I love it! This one is a Hit! Scariness scale? 0!



Now this next one actually scares me! Talk about never wanting to decorate a tree ever again!! This one doesn’t have a name but I’m going to call it Car Crash Ornaments and it really does look like she got in a car crash with some ornaments! GAH its creepy and scary and it’s going to make me have nightmares! If that was your plan than good for you, you passed but I’m going to have to give you a Miss!! But on a scale from one to ten scariness? 8.5!

Now this next one makes me never want to eat a candy cane ever again!! Gah why she gotta do this to me?! Anyways I’m calling this one Impaled by Candy Cane because that’s what it looks like right? Like a candy cane went straight through her cheek?! I think to make it look a little more better is to sharpen the candy cane because how can a flat ended candy cane go through your skin? You get what I feel? This one didn’t scary me as much as the first one so this one is still a Miss. On the scariness scale? 4.5.

Alright everyone that’s all!! remember (most) these people are professionals! So please practice and perfect your look! So you can look fierce this Halloween! (Of course you don’t wear these for Christmas are you crazy?!)

And a side note I’m graduating!! And I’ve done a lot of my blogs during school but don’t you worry this blog is staying up! I will still update it and thank you guys so much for your support!! On to the nest best thing right?! MORE MAKEUP!!!


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