Tis the season for some makeup!

Alright (like my little pun tittle? hahaha) so last year (2016) a lot of people where creating different makeup looks for the holidays. And I loved a bunch of them but these ones would be very hard to nail and if you don’t get it right then you are out!! And some of them where just like “girl why you being so extra?” so lets see which ones are it!! (P.S. all these looks are taken off Bretman Rock’s vanity instagram! If you want to see the original creators follow the link and it will lead you right there!)  

This one is my favorite and it is called Santa’s Hat I love how simple it is. There’s not jewels, no
over the top glitter it is just a cute normal Santa’s hat that you can use to wear to work as a bomb holiday look!! (Which I did!) And to top it the eyeshadow and eyeliner blends perfectly with the hat! None of it out does one another and it is just amazing. This look? Total Hit!! I can’t wait to try this again!

Next one doesn’t have a name but I’m going to call it Ornaments, this look is pretty cute but I think if you don’t have the right skin tone then this look can really drain out your skin! So this ones hard to fully see on because (don’t hate! appreciate!) here on this girl it just looks drained out. If she had a more tan tint to here this look would be off the hook! But also it seems like she rushed the look too much because there are some sketched areas where it looks like she either missed it or she didn’t add enough makeup to it. But over I say this look is a Hit!

Now this next one is just one of those “Why you gotta be so extra?” looks. This one also didn’t have a name so I’m going to call it The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Now to me it does not look like she took her time, it seems like she rushed it too fast and that is why everything is disproportioned. And I do not know why she would want to do it on her eyelid! Like no one is going to see it unless you have your eyes closed all day and tell people to stand really close to you just to see it! Sorry honey it is cute but it is just too much, Miss!

Now this one is called Reindeer Lights and I think this one is not accurate for the holidays. The reason being there are Christmas lights hanging around some empty antlers! Where Are the REINDEER?!?!!  Like that’s not cute it’s dangerous!! I’m sorry I just do not like it what so ever so it’s going to have to be a Miss!!

 This next one is called Frozen, it does remind me of the movie Frozen! I love just how balanced
it is! There’s not a lot of white, there’s not a lot of blue, there’s no over powering glitter or matte! It’s perfect! I only warn you about skin tone again, on her it looks pretty bomb because she has a tint of tan to her but if you are white/pale this look probably wont work for you! But that’s okay you just find the one that fits your skin tone better! But this look is a definite Hit!!

This next one is also in the “Why you gotta be so extra?!” category. It has no name so I shall call it My Winter Cottage (cute name right?) but although it is cute and has great detail I just believe it is too much! How are you going to drink and eat? I’m sorry honey but Dani’s gotta eat so I can not have this buggin up my lips! It’s cute don’t get me wrong but I’m going to have to say Miss!!

And there you have it folks! A few holiday trend for you to see and try! (please do not go over board!!)


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