Shimmer Enhance Drops by Cover/FX


I know it has been too long!! But don’t worry loves Dani is back and shes graduated!! Alright lets get started!

Today I will tell you about this lovely thing called (Shimmer) Custom Enhancer Drops by COVER FX  that I found at my local Sephora and it was 42$!! That is defiantly going to make my bank cry!

Now do not get me wrong this is beautiful!! The color is a creamish white and its sparkly and y’all know Dani loves sparkly!! And oh baby it looked even better on my skin, it felt nice and silky but don’t get me wrong it was pretty thick too, I learned that I will put it on after face primer BUT before corrector!! I feel like this does work for all skin tones but just to make sure I recommend this to my medium skin tone friends!! This made my skin feel refreshed and did not make my makeup crack or peel and that is very important!!


Now I do not recommend buying this if you are on a budget (thanks to my lovies for some graduation present!) so that’s the only way I afford that one hahaha! Do not worry though I will find a cheaper one for you!! Until next time!

Oh I almost forgot! This is a good buy! But remember budget!!


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