Hi there!

My name is Danielle Martinez, and welcome to my blog! I’m eighteen years old and live in the very small city of Iowa City. Back before I first started my makeup frenzy I would describe myself as a tomboy, I’d wear sweatpants or shorts with a baggy t-shirt everyday. I got rough and dirty with the guys on fields, and I never thought anything about makeup, that was until I turned fifteen.

When I was fifteen I had made it into the junior varsity show choir and we needed to wear A LOT of makeup. And as a little sophomore I knew absolutely nothing about makeup!  And so with the help of my friends and many youtubers I gain the knowledge of the makeup world, and soon became a makeup addict! But of course I didn’t want to give up what I’ve always been, a tomboy. So I decided you know what?! I can be a tomboy! But I’m going to be the best darn looking tomboy on that field, and you know what? I was. And as the years went by my love for makeup grew, but I never stopped being myself, so now I want to share that love with all of you and show you, you can be yourself, and look amazing being yourself!

In my blog I will give you the inside scope on what make up ideas are hits and misses! Which brand is the big thumbs up or which ones are the trash can fillers. I’ll review makeup ideas and products, and show you my makeup secrets. And even recreate makeup inspirations from makeup artist all over the world!

I can’t wait to share all the makeup wonders with you!

Love Danielle Martinez ♥