Bretman Rock Coachella

Now many of you have probably heard of the big event called "Coachella" and honestly I have no idea what the celebration is, like is it some random hippie party? I really don't know and honestly I really do not care! (Don't hate, appreciate!) But I do care about the amazing looks that my fave... Continue Reading →

“The Affordable Look”

Now this is going to be a bit different, it's not a full review because it's not just one product and it's not a full "Hit or Miss" because it's not necessarily one look makeup look. So here we go! I was on Facebook the other day and I saw this video as it said... Continue Reading →

Radiant Luminizing Drops by Sephora

So you all must remember my story about my trip to grab the amazing Fusion Highlighter by Sephora. And if you recall I did grab a few more things, well me being the highlighter addict that I am also decided to do a little something new. So I grabed what is called "Radiant Luminizing Drops"¬†at... Continue Reading →

Candy K by Kylie Jenner

So if you don't know me very well then you probably don't know that I am not a Kylie Jenner fan, or any Kardashian that is. But for the sake of my blog and my makeup career I will do one review of her liquid lipstick. Now I choose the liquid lipstick because that's the... Continue Reading →


So I'm pretty sure many of you saw this hideous look around Halloween time last year. But if you've never hear of it I'll give you the basic of it. To what I can come up with, it seems this look was first created by Lauren Beckman, a makeup artist that specializes in "horror and... Continue Reading →

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